The Ultimate Modular Arcade Gaming System!

New HD Arcade Games Are Finally Here!

Okay, we all love our vintage arcade games and nothing is ever going to change that. However, there is no reason not to take advantage of today’s technology and play arcade style games in stunning visual quality that we call high-definition. The ability to play new HD games and then revert back to our cherish vintage 8-bit or 16-bit classics in one cabinet setting, well is that not just topping off the home arcade experience or what?

Steam can bring even more value to your newly purchased Xtension Arcade Cabinet and with over 2000 HD games in one easy to navigate Interface, downloading your favorite titles couldn’t be easier. The Steam game engine works great with PC and MAC arcade sticks (like the X-Arcade Tankstick) and offers FREE playable demos for most games. Play games like Super Street Fighter 4 or the newly revised HD version of Earthworm Jim just to name a few. Try It Now!

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