The Ultimate Modular Arcade Gaming System!

Innovation Has to Start Somewhere

Over two years ago whenI purchased my cabinet from Rec Room Masters I had no idea I was very the first order (number 001) and now am happy to have have kept in touch with them through the years as I watched their popularity continuously grow. Anyone from the age of 15 to 55 has at one time in their life, basked in the awe of the almighty upright “Arcade Machine”. For the last three decades or so, a majority of the now 30+ crowd subcategorized from the demographic above has often fantasized in fulfilling a childhood dream by having access to one of those game-powering monsters in their own home. I can only speculate on the reasons for the unaffordable price tag commonly found attached to these game-god giants and until now, never thought twice as to why… However, with the Xtension Arcade Cabinet distributed by Rec Room Masters LLC, you just may have to see for yourself what all of the hype is about.

After experiencing their arcade offering, the bar has definitely been raised. Lets just start with two basic yet necessary points, price and quality. Rec Room Masters LLC sells their upright arcade cabinet for a stunningly low $399 not to mention an innovative modular design and a very high quality domestically manufactured product produced in Atlanta, Georgia. Most remotely comparable cabinets would run between $800 – $4,000 and the cost of shipping alone is the total cost of their cabinet. Not to mention these days any PC gaming set up is beyond elementary as my 5 year-old can download and install MAME and much more in the blink of an eye, running circles around his old man.

A definite level of attention needs to be focused on the fact that when I landed on the decision to purchase a cabinet in general, I expected to see an 18 wheel trucker obnoxiously taking out my neighbors mail box as he steams his way down my suburban cul-de-sac dragging my sanity along with what would have been my recently emptied bank account. To my surprise, the inexpensive knocked down unit shipped UPS ground and didn’t even come close to costing me the small fortune in shipping fees I expected. The unit arrived quickly and in 3 easy to handle boxes and went together “Ikea style” in just about an hour.

I just simply added a 22″ flat screen I already had, a 3 year old PC and the X-Arcade Tankstick I purchased from X-gaming. Then, downloaded MAME, a handful of vintage emulators, hunted down thousands of web scattered ROM’s and installed the arcade front end giant Maximus Arcade. That was it… The bottom line, if you are an arcade enthusiast and hobby around with the restoration or collection of 80’s or 90’s classic cabs, then this may not be for you. However, for everyone else wanting to satisfy an unfulfilled wish list Santa once failed to deliver or merely impress your drinking buddies during your Friday evenings, you no longer need a rock star crib to be a rock star! Or just act like one every now and then…

Jay Matthews
Customer Order Number 001, February 2009, Valdosta GA

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