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The Arcade is Alive and Well!

Congratulations to “Ultra Arcade” on their upcoming grand opening in the great state of Texas. Check out the great use our our “Xtension Sit-Down” Arcade Cabinets! If you are anywhere near San Antonio, Texas, be sure to stop by for some intense gameplay on February 15th or anytime after! We are definitely seeing much hype with local Arcades returning to life and now popping up everywhere. Rec Room Masters is very proud to be the official cabinet provider of the growing number of “Modern Local Arcades”!

Xtension Arcade cabinet wall

Ultra Arcade’s Xtension “Sit-Down” Arcade Cabinet wall in San Antonio, Texas


More Xtension “Sit-Down” Arcade Cabinets at Ultra Arcade in San Antonio, Texas


Xtension “Sit-Down” Arcade Cabinets

Custom “Sit-Down” Xtension Arcade Cabinets Made For Mad Catz at this Year’s 2013 EVO Championships

Check out the custom “Sit-Down” Xtension Arcade Cabinets we did for our friends at Mad Catz. They placed 2 cabinets head to head on the main stage of their booth this past weekend at the 2013 EVO Championships in Las Vegas.


Custom Mad Catz Arcade Cabinets for 2013 EVO Fighting Game Championships

Custom Mad Catz Arcade Cabinets for 2013 EVO Fighting Game Championships

Below is a link to a great behind the scenes video of the Mad Catz booth at the 2013 EVO Championships. Be sure to take notice of our “Sit-Down” Xtension Arcade Cabinets featured on their main stage!

Click To Watch:

Rec Room Masters at the 2013 CEO Fighting Game Championships in Orlando FL

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